Wings & Rings

pheasant hunting

The minimum number of birds released for a European Hunt is 75


5 Pheasants per shooter  =  $120

                 15 Minimum Shooters


6 Pheasants per shooter  =  $140

                 13 Minimum Shooters


7 Pheasants per shooter  =  $165

                 11 Minimum Shooters


8 Pheasants per shooter  =  $185

                 10 Minimum Shooters


9 Pheasants per shooter  =  $205

                 9 Minimum Shooters


10 Pheasants per shooter  =  $225

                 8 Minimum Shooters



European Tower hunting

Our European hunts consist of 15 to 26 hunters divided among 13 shooting stations. 

Birds are released from a central tower.

All hunters rotate stations after 5-10 birds are released

Hunters rotate thru all stations

Great Lakes Retrievers Club will provide retrieving dogs for the tower hunt and walk up hunt if needed.

Great for any group outings or corporate events.

We strongly recommend Safety Glasses and Hearing protection.


Hunter Orange IS Required


We require Non-Toxic Shot. 


We recommend 2-4 boxes of #4 Steel Shot


Bird Cleaning is Available for $2.00/ bird.


Cash or Check we do not accept Credit Cards


You are welcome to bring in your own lunch and use our Lodge, or we can provide lunch at an additional cost.


Hunts must be reserved a minimum of two weeks in advance and require a 50 percent deposit.*




*Deposits will only be refunded if Wings & Rings Pheasant Hunting determines conditions to be un-huntable on the day of the hunt.

Sign in starts 1.5 hrs before your scheduled start time with coffee and doughnuts.


Approximately 10-15 minutes before your start time all hunters will go out to the stations.


There will be 1 – 2 shooters at each station with 5 – 10 birds released at a time.


Between each group of birds, all hunters will unload their guns and move in a clockwise direction to the next station.


After approx. 5 minutes a horn will sound, signaling the birds will be released again.


This will continue until everyone returns to their starting position.


After the tower hunt we’ll go back to the lodge to take a break and regroup.

You may then take your own hunting dogs for a 2 hour walk up hunt.

Check out our calendar for open tower shoots. Call to book your reservation. Space is limited and offered on a first come first serve basis.